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Higher Education needs to adopt market trends - but how?

I hear all the time that Higher Education needs to adopt on market trends. What’s hot today will properly not be hot in 3-4 years and who can predict the “future”. Watching “Did You Know 3.0” top 10 job titles in 2010 didn’t exist in 2003. So if we want institution to adapt to the future what are the skills they should ‘teach/facilitate’ students?

In my opinion these skills I find essential for students to adopt and learn beside their major:
  • Access to network of people who shares the same interest
  • Learn how to problem solve right problems (not just problem solve)
  • Learn how to collaborate with all types of people with different backgrounds
  • Learn different cultures because they will have to work in the global market
  • Learn how to present in front of people
  • - and get some insight from the industry

Teaching methods are from ancient times but I think there are different aspects to that. One thing is the mindset of the teacher – this can be adopted with a right motivation, I believe. Second is lack of funding to invest in the right portfolio of technology to support. Third – one university cannot do it alone – universities should collaborate and leverage knowledge and technology which will benefit both teachers and students.

What if universities narrow down to have few core competencies (like corporations) and outsource other subjects to other universities? Which means that a curriculum or a degree will be a join effort? 

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